Something For Everyone!

Children’s Church

While you worship at our national conferences, our Children’s Church ministry provides fun, excitement and engaging activities for children age 3 (potty trained) through 9.

Christian Education

The Christian Education Department sets the standard and guidelines for IBW churches across the globe by sharing best practices, policies and information so churches can go forth with confidence.

Clergy Wives

These ministry women, who are the wives of Bishops and Pastors of International Bible Way, come together during our national convocation to share wisdom, empowerment, testimonies of strength and to encourage others in their unique ministry gifts of leadership.


Our Deacons Ministry gathers deacons from around the globe together to ensure that deacons understand the significance of their office and their role in the International Bible Way organization, as well as to encourage and strengthen their lives spiritually for their work.


This ministry goes forth in praise and worship, prayer, exhortation and fellowship at our national conferences and events. Missionaries are appointed at their churches to serve across several ministries that advance God’s Kingdom!


Ushers serve a vital role in helping to maintain order during church services as well as serving the needs of the congregation. They connect through annual events as well as ongoing fellowship and communication.

International Young People’s Union (IYPU)

During our national conferences and gatherings the IYPU hosts events and services for those age 10 to 35.  They come together from churches across the nation to grow in the Word of God, experience dynamic praise and worship, fun and fellowship!

Men’s Fellowship

This powerful collective of men comes together for encouragement, fellowship and empowerment through the Word of God. Our top leaders minister to men, providing spiritual direction so they may lead our families, our communities and our generation – men learn to be relevant and to make an impact in their churches in these powerful gatherings.

Women’s Fellowship

The women of God worship together in this powerful gathering to be uplifted, empowered and equipped. Women receive the tools to go deeper in spiritual maturity to drive our communities, families and our world. Women gain spiritual direction so they may become more relevant and make a greater impact in their service to God.

Music & Worship

Our music and worship ministry supports our national conferences and events by setting an atmosphere of praise and adoration through diligent preparation of songs, music, and event support services. Music ministers and worship leaders from churches across the nation gather at our annual events to lift up the name of Jesus through our praise and worship services!

Global Missions

Our Global Missions Ministry takes the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ around the globe to the places where physical and spiritual resources are most needed. The ministry comes together to discuss the powerful transformation taking place in IBW and to focus on future missions and areas of need.

District Elders

Leaders over each quadrant of IBW districts meet to discuss annual goals, trends and the spiritual direction of the organization as they continue to govern and support churches that reside within their district region. District Elders also contribute to the development of policies and procedures within International Bible Way.

Pastors Council & Presbyters

Pastors and church leaders are empowered by this fellowship to govern and lead their congregations more effectively with next level ministry training and resources. In their annual gathering as well as national conferences and events, presbyters are encouraged and uplifted with ministry-related tools to better serve generations to come.

Evangelistic Outreach

The evangelistic outreach ministry supports IBW by sharing the gospel around the world and helping the global community discover the matchless power of Jesus Christ that we are blessed to experience in our churches. They also serve in equipping churches to reach their local communities using the latest marketing and community outreach techniques.