International Bible Way Church of Jesus Christ, Inc. (IBWCJC) is a great organization that can provide a national and international sponsorship platform representing more than 600 churches, its leaders and members. Corporate partnerships with IBWCJC offers a unique opportunity to reach a devoted consumer market.

IBWCJC Represents:

  • More than 600 churches nationwide & 250 churches internationally
  • 1,000 credited leaders and decision makers
  • Over 60,000 members all ages

Long-term Corporate Sponsorships

IBWCJC offers an industry exclusive sponsorship program that provides a strategic marketing platform for national and international corporations.

Short-term Corporate Sponsorships

Marketing opportunities and grassroots retail campaigns reach local markets across the United States by partnering with IBWCJC annual events.

For more information about our sponsorship opportunities, please contact Isis Williams at (919) 833-4466 or williamsisis84@gmail.com